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High-Res available at HDTracks and Acoustic Sounds

Acoustic SoundsWe’re pleased to report that 26 Herb Alpert albums are available for download in high-resolution from both HDTracks and Acoustic Sounds.  The Tidal streaming service also has CD-definition lossless FLAC downloads available as well from their store.

We have posted a simple guide to explain what high-resolution audio is, and for a future set of posts we will be explaining various means of playing these files, whether it be through a portable device, a network media player, or computer hardware and software.

While the meticulously mastered vinyl is probably the closest version to the studio tapes you’ll hear, the high-res digital comes awfully close.   This is a chance to own studio-quality releases of these classic albums.  If and when other online stores offer high-res downloads, we will let you know here first.  For the very latest, you may want to check out our forum thread about the downloads.


Herb Alpert vinyl at selected stores near you

Ann ArborWhile the new Herb Alpert 180 gram vinyl reissues are easily found online at stores such as Amazon, we have found that the Barnes & Noble bookstore chain in the US is now stocking Herb’s titles on vinyl.  Both Come Fly With Me and the Whipped Cream reissue are stocked at many B&N locations.  Visit the B&N site to check stocks at your local stores, and reserve your copy for pickup.  (Shipping is free on orders over $25, if you choose to order online instead.)

MusicDirect in the Chicagoland area also sells these, but you may want to call ahead to check stock. They can be ordered in very quickly if not in stock.  They stock thousands of brand new 180 gram and audiophile pressings, along with audio hardware and record cleaning supplies.

There may be other brick and mortar retailers who carry these vinyl reissues. If you see any copies locally, please post in our forum thread.  We would like to put together a listing of retailers that stock the vinyl versions of these records, for those who would rather pick one up in person rather than order one online.