Originals: “Whipped Cream” by The Stokes

The Stokes were a New Orleans based band. Their recording of Allen Toussaint’s “Whipped Cream” was faithfully reproduced by Herb for the same-titled TJB album. Fun!

Originals: “Et Maintenant” by Gilbert Bécaud

Herb Alpert’s arrangement of “Et Maintenant” (which translates to “And Now” in English) was inspired by passing taxi horns in Tijuana.  

We are, of course, referring to “What Now My Love” which led off the album of the same title. This is the original French version written by composer Gilbert Bécaud and lyricist Pierre Delanoë. Bécaud topped the French charts with this tune in 1961, and Herb’s album proved to be a blockbuster as well. 

Originals: “Coisa No. 1” by Baden Powell

From the album Baden Powell Swings with Jimmy Pratt is this track, “Coisa No. 1,” which opened the album:

This was covered by Herb on the album Coney Island, entitled “Ratatouille.” The original version hails from composer Moacir Santos’ album Coisas (very roughly translated as “things”), but Herb’s version is seems to draw more inspiration from Powell’s version posted here.

Two Christmas Wishes

What do you wish for on Christmas?  Snow?  Gifts?  A day with family and friends?  Great holiday music? 

While we can’t be Santa Claus or Mother Nature (we can do many things, but creating snow is not one of them), we have just the thing to fulfill that wish for great holiday music. Invite your ol’ friend Herb Alpert into your home this holiday season with his latest Christmas release: The Christmas Wish.  

Fans have been discussing the album in our forum, and you can also purchase the album from Amazon, available on both CD and a 2-LP set on colored red and green vinyl.  Herb’s prior Tijuana Brass Christmas Album was recorded over 50 years ago–this new album was long overdue!

And if you don’t have that first Christmas album, by all means pick it up. It’s a classic!  And it’s also available on CD from Amazon.  The album features Herb’s arranging touch to put a new spin on a handful of holiday classics, with some vocal seasoning courtesy of his good friend Shorty Rogers (who arranged the voices on this album).

Reimagined TJB!


The verdict is in–Herb Alpert fans are thrilled by the newest addition to the catalog:  Music Volume 3: Herb Alpert Reimagines the Tijuana Brass.  A dozen classic TJB tunes are given a fresh, modern treatment by Herb in this new release. Catch our buzz about the new album on the forum, and click on the album image to get your copy via Amazon!

New Herb Alpert Single “reimagines” the Tijuana Brass

A brief snippet on Soundcloud reveals Herb Alpert’s new single, “Wade In The Water,” from his upcoming album Music Volume 3 – Herb Alpert Reimagines the Tijuana Brass, due out October 19, 2018. Given this sample, the new album is one that many Herb Alpert fans will be looking forward to!

Come join the conversation in our forum.

Hugh Masekela has passed

Legendary South African trumpet player and activist Hugh Masekela has passed away, after a prolonged battle with prostate cancer.  Masekela’s family states, “[Our] hearts beat with profound loss.  Hugh’s global and activist contribution to and participation in the areas of music, theatre, and the arts in general is contained in the minds and memory of millions across 6 continents …”

Masekela topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1966 with the instrumental hit “Grazing In The Grass,” while in the mid 70s he collaborated with Herb Alpert on the landmark Herb Alpert/Hugh Masekela and Main Event Live albums on A&M.

The A&M Corner family sends out condolences to Masekela’s family, friends and fans around the globe.

Leon Neal/AP

Featured composer: Sol Lake

Forum staffer Harry has put together a presentation of the 24 songs played by the Tijuana Brass that Sol Lake composed.  The albums cover everything from The Lonely Bull through Summertime.  Enjoy!

The Christmas Wish: Release Date Sept 29

Available for preorder now is Herb Alpert’s all-new Christmas recording, The Christmas Wish.  Release date is September 29, 2017.

The Christmas Wish

Preorder now:

CD: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Wish-Herb-Alpert/dp/B074ND7VFJ

Vinyl: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Wish-Herb-Alpert/dp/B074ND68D2

New Release: Music Volume 1

Music Vol. 1Available for preorder with a release date of July 28, 2017, Herb Alpert’s newest recording, Music Volume 1, features a mix of pop standards, including remakes of a couple of tunes first recorded by the Tijuana Brass.   The lead-off single, “Flamingo,” is available through most streaming services.  It is fantastic to see Herb releasing so much new music lately!