High-Res available at HDTracks and Acoustic Sounds

Acoustic SoundsWe’re pleased to report that 26 Herb Alpert albums are available for download in high-resolution from both HDTracks and Acoustic Sounds.  The Tidal streaming service also has CD-definition lossless FLAC downloads available as well from their store.

We have posted a simple guide to explain what high-resolution audio is, and for a future set of posts we will be explaining various means of playing these files, whether it be through a portable device, a network media player, or computer hardware and software.

While the meticulously mastered vinyl is probably the closest version to the studio tapes you’ll hear, the high-res digital comes awfully close.   This is a chance to own studio-quality releases of these classic albums.  If and when other online stores offer high-res downloads, we will let you know here first.  For the very latest, you may want to check out our forum thread about the downloads.