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First new Herb Alpert vinyl releases in decades!

Whipped Cream & Other Delights Product DetailsVinyl collectors have every reason to celebrate today: after decades of digital releases, two noteworthy Herb Alpert titles make their debut on vinyl today!

The groundbreaking classic Tijuana Brass album Whipped Cream & Other Delights has been reissued on 180 gram vinyl, mastered by Bernie Grundman, himself an alumni of A&M’s mastering studio.

In addition, Herb’s warmly received new album, Come Fly With Me, also sees its vinyl release today. Both are now available at your favorite vinyl outlet, and via Amazon; click the links above to check them out.  Check back here soon, as the Tijuana Brass Christmas Album is due to be released in the coming weeks as well.

Once we receive our review copies, we will post our impressions here.  Join our forum discussion.

JazzTimes reissue article: clarification for our readers

Posted today on the JazzTimes site is an article regarding the reissue of, what, maybe 26 albums by Herb Alpert.  The article is indeed confusing, as it seems to indicate that it will only be an iTunes project, and it gets the number of reissues wrong.

First of all, we are assured from Herb’s management that there are a total of 26 reissues, of which the Christmas Album and Whipped Cream are a part of.

The article mentions first “Whipped Cream plus 26 others,” then lists only 25 albums including Whipped Cream.  The releases will not be only on iTunes–other digital downloads will be available (including high-resolution), and CD releases will follow in the future.

This is just a clarification for those who were confused by the article.  We will always post only official information here at the site, so stop back often for the latest.

Composer/producer Allen Toussaint passes

The legendary composer and producer Allen Toussaint (77) passed away Monday, Nov. 9 while on tour in Europe.  Tijuana Brass fans will remember him as the composer of the track “Whipped Cream” from the famous album of the same name (written under the pseudonym Naomi Neville, his mother’s maiden name).  This tune was used as one of the themes for the popular game show The Dating Game in the 1960s.

Join our remembrances and read the press release at the A&M Corner Forums.

Just in time for the holidays: The Christmas Album reissued!

Christmas AlbumGood news for fans of the Tijuana Brass Christmas Album:  this recording is being reissued both digitally (on download and CD) as well as on 180 gram vinyl.  Featuring a lot of holiday favorites in unique arrangements, the Christmas Album has become a perennial holiday classic.  The CD is available as of this writing, and the 180 gram LP is due for release on Nov. 27.  The digital downloads will come later, but you can still get the Signature Series downloads from Amazon or iTunes.

50th anniversary 180 gram vinyl and digital reissue of Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream & Other Delights (180 Gram Vinyl)Anticipating a flood of new digital reissues arriving in 2016, Herb Alpert Presents is releasing the 50th anniversary edition of Whipped Cream & Other Delights.  This is the classic album that seemingly everyone owned in the 1960s!  It is being presented on newly remastered 180 gram vinyl, as well as a new remastering on CD, with original cover art.  Release date is Friday, Nov. 20th.  Preorder now from Amazon.  Digital releases will come later, but you can still get the Amazon or iTunes downloads of the older Signature Series remasters.  Keep in mind that the new 2015 versions of this album do not include the two bonus tracks which were available on the Signature Series remasters so, if you own that version you may want to hang onto it, or you might want to pick up a copy of the old Signature Series CD before stocks are depleted.

Come Fly With Me available on 180 gram vinyl

Good news for vinyl fans and collectors:  Herb Alpert’s highly acclaimed new album, Come Fly With Meis now available on 180 gram vinyl!  Release date is set for Friday, Nov. 20.  You can order a copy of the 180 gram vinyl version from Amazon, or pick it up at your favorite local vinyl retailer.


New Herb Alpert release: Come Fly With Me

Featuring his long-time combo, along with some other familiar names, Herb Alpert has released his latest album, Come Fly With Me, on CD and digital download, with vinyl to follow at a later date.  The CD, MP3 download and 180 gram vinyl may be ordered through Amazon, and downloads are also available via iTunes.  (Click through the links to purchase.

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Produced by Herb Alpert with Michael Shapiro, Hussain Jiffry & Bill Cantos


1. Come Fly With Me (Jimmy Van Huesen/Sammy Cahn) – 2:40
2. Blue Skies (Irving Berlin) – 3:39
3. Got A Lot Of Livin’ To Do (Aaron Schroeder/Ben Weisman) – 3:00
4. Cheeky (Herb Alpert/Michael Shapiro/Hussain Jiffry) – 3:24
5. Take The “A” Train (Billy Strayhorn) – 2:44
6. Love Affair (Herb Alpert/Eduardo del Barrio) – 4:11
7. Windy City (Herb Alpert/Jeff Lorber) – 4:31
8. Sweet And Lovely (Gus Anheim/Neil Moret/Harry Tobias) – 2:41
9. Walkin’ Tall (Herb Alpert/Hussain Jiffry) – 2:56
10. Night Ride (Herb Alpert/Michael Shapiro) – 3:14
11. Something (George Harrison) – 2:52
12. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields) – 1:41
13. Danny Boy (P.D. lyrics by Frederic Weatherly) – 3:25

Herb Alpert – Trumpet
Michael Shapiro – Drums, Percussion, Voice
Hussain Jiffry – Bass, Guitar
Bill Cantos – Keyboards
Eduardo del Barrio – Strings, Keyboards, Programming
Jeff Lorber – Keyboards, Guitar, Programming
Jamieson Trotter – Keyboards
Marcel Camargo – Guitars and Cavaquinho
Scott Mayo – Saxophones, Flute and Vocals
Dorrel “Fish” Salmon – Hammond B3 on Reggae Songs
Robert Greenridge – Steel Drums
Judd Miller – EVI
Randy “Badazz” Alpert – Programming

Recording Engineer: Hussain Jiffry
Additional Engineering: Eduardo del Barrio, Jamieson Trotter, Jeff Lorber, Randy “Badazz” Alpert, Bill Cantos & Herb Alpert
Mixed by Doug Trantow with Herb Alpert
Mastered by Bernie Grundman @ Grundman Mastering
Art Direction/Design & Cover Design: Brian Porizek
Photo by Louis Oberlander

Rare Herbie Alpert: “Finders Keepers”

Enjoy this early, rare Herbie Alpert single!  Written and produced by Herb Alpert and Lou Adler.



Beware: Pirated Herb Alpert CDs

An ongoing issue, further complicated by some countries’ copyright laws, has led to ongoing piracy of Herb Alpert’s recordings.

Just as a reminder, going forward, there is only one official label which produces Herb Alpert’s recordings:  Herb Alpert Presents.

Aside from Definitive Hits, A&M no longer distributes Herb Alpert’s recordings.  The deal with Shout!Factory has also expired, so all that remains are the few albums remaining in stock in the Signature Series.

Any other releases from countries outside the United States are unauthorized, unofficial, and not approved by Herb Alpert Presents. In other words, they are pirated recordings.  Quality and sources are questionable–they might be recycled from existing CDs, or made from poorly-transferred needle drops.

For genuine product, buy from reputable sellers, or buy used products of known good quality from sites like Discogs, eBay, and other outlets.

If you own, or are thinking of purchasing, any item that you are uncertain is legitimate, please stop by our Herb Alpert Forum “piracy” thread to inquire as to whether or not your chosen release is indeed legitimate, or not.  We are not only helping the artist protect his copyright, we are also helping prevent users from being burned by sub-par products.


Rare single: “Viper’s Blues”

Here is another  rarity for our readers: “Viper’s Blues,” credited to Herbie Alpert and His Quartet, on the Carol Records label.