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As an overhaul of A&M Corner and tijuanabrass.com, we will be moving our discographies over to the WordPress format within the next week or two.  Until then, the link at left will temporarily lead to a “404” error page.  Please bear with us–we’ll be back, better than ever!

“Rise” Reloaded! Check out Captain Badazz’s new video…

A fantastic new video featuring a new recording of a favorite tune…

Kudos to Randy Badazz!  We look forward to more upcoming news from Herb Alpert!

Discography Revisions

We have now added convenient “search and buy” links to each discography entry.  As many of these recordings are out of print and hard to find, these links make it easier to check a handful of sources to locate a copy of the album or single you are looking for.

Review: Herb Alpert/Lani Hall “I Feel You”

Review:  Herb Alpert/Lani Hall “I Feel You”
–by Bill Bernardi (TijuanaBrass.com/A&M Corner)

In the foodie world there is a term called “deconstruction”, which basically is taking the ingredients of a classic dish and reinventing that same dish. That’s how I view I Feel You, a collection on mainly classic songs that go through this decontruction method. For the most part, it turns out to be a tasty treat!

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Herb Alpert/Lani Hall Album Release

LOS ANGELES, March 23 [PRNewswire] — Concord Records is pleased to announce the signing of music icon and legendary trumpeter and bandleader, Herb Alpert, and his wife, the internationally renowned singer, Lani Hall. The celebrated duo’s Concord debut Anything Goes is a live collection of beautifully reinterpreted standards, and marks the first complete project that Herb and Lani have recorded together. Anything Goes is slated for release on May 26, 2009. (Preorder from Amazon.)

Herb Alpert has sold more than 72 million albums worldwide as a musician and bandleader of the groundbreaking Tijuana Brass. He has won seven Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year for “A Taste of Honey,” and had three of his recordings–the early TJB hit “Whipped Cream,” 1966’s “What Now My Love,” and his 1979 solo hit “Rise”–honored with inclusion in the Grammy Awards Archive Collection.

In 1962, Alpert and Jerry Moss founded A&M Records, which became one of the world’s leading independently owned record labels and home to such renowned artists as The Police, The Carpenters, Carole King and Janet Jackson among others. During this time Herb produced the likes of Stan Getz, The Baja Marimba Band, Gato Barbieri, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, and his wife of more than thirty years, Lani Hall. Lani’s own Grammy-award winning career as a songstress stretches from 1960s where she amassed hits as lead singer with Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66, leading into a string of solo albums in English, Portuguese and Spanish that began with 1972’s “Sun Down Lady.”

“Herb and Lani have put together an incredibly special and heartfelt recording,” said John Burk, Executive Vice President of A&R at Concord Music Group. “It is truly an honor to welcome such esteemed artists to the Concord family.”

For a complete list of confirmed dates please visit: http://www.herbalpert.com

SOURCE Concord Records

Three TJB albums now available exclusively on iTunes

Volume 2, Warm and The Brass Are Comin’ are now available for download on iTunes, sporting the Signature Series artwork for the covers. Also, the landmark Herb Alpert solo album Rise is being reissued with two bonus tracks in May. Visit our forum for further details.

Welcome to the new TijuanaBrass.com site!

We have redecorated and reconfigured the TijuanaBrass.com site! We still host the same discographies we’ve had for years, but have rearranged and cleaned up our content and pages to make them easier to access and read. This new site format also allows us to add breaking news to our site much faster than before. You should be able to find everything you need here at the site, including our convenient Herb Alpert/TJB Store, which lists everything that is currently in print. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy the new site!

Beware of new Herb Alpert CD releases!

We have had a few of our TJB Forum members point out a rash of CD releases showing up on eBay that claim to be “official” CDs. If you want to know what is officially and legally in print, check out our availability thread in the forum. From what our users are saying in this forum thread, these “official” CDs are made from needle drops. Just a reminder to everyone: Herb Alpert owns and controls his master tapes, so any official Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass products would not be released without his approval in any country. A&M Records is no longer involved in Alpert’s recordings.

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