2015 Remasters Buying Guide

September 9, 2016 marks the release date of over 25 recordings from the Herb Alpert catalog on CD, both with the Tijuana Brass and solo, in newly remastered editions.  These have been available as downloads (including high-resolution), but this marks the physical release of these classics on physical media.

To assist visitors to our site, we have created a list of the new remasters. Granted they can be found on Amazon by searching, but since there are sometimes many different versions, our list has been curated to include only these new remasters.  If you are ever in doubt, make certain the label of release is Herb Alpert Presents.

Keep in mind that some of these titles are making their debut on CD. We advise ordering now, while supplies are available.

Sorted by media, here is the list. Simply click a title to visit that title at Amazon.  As of this writing they are available for preorder.  At the bottom of the list you will find sources for the downloadable versions of these albums.  Without further ado, here is our list!


South of the Border
Whipped Cream
Going Places
What Now My Love


The Lonely Bull
Volume 2
South of the Border
Whipped Cream & Other Delights
Going Places
What Now My Love
Sounds Like
Herb Alpert’s Ninth
The Beat of the Brass
The Christmas Album
The Brass are Comin’
You Smile — The Song Begins
Coney Island
Main Event Live (w/ Masekela)
Magic Man
Keep Your Eye On Me
North on South St.
Midnight Sun

Human Nature (New release, due Sept. 30)

Lani Hall’s four albums Sundown Lady, Hello It’s Me, Sweet Bird and Es Facil Amar are available as downloads but have not been reissued on CD.

If you prefer Barnes and Noble for online ordering, you can find the releases here.

For lossy downloads, you can find these titles at Amazon and iTunes.  You can purchase CD-quality lossless digital at Tidal.  High-resolution digital files (most in 24 bit, 88.2kHz) at Acoustic Sounds and HDTracks.